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Mainstreaming Equality – Developing Scottish Borders Council’s Equality Mainstreaming Report 2017 – 2021 Consultation Document

Published on: January 12, 2017

We would like to draw to your attention information and request possible action to the current Equality and Diversity consultation on behalf of Scottish Borders Council.


The purpose of the consultation is to highlight progress on equalities since the publication of our first Equality Mainstreaming Report and assist us with the development of our Equality Mainstreaming Report 2017 – 2021.


We would like to hear your views on how the Council is performing on equality and diversity matters and what improvements it can make over the next four years.  This would include things that we are doing well, areas that need to be improved and your views on the Council’s Equality Outcomes.


The consultation is to run from 3rd January – 27th February 2017, and access to the consultation can be found here: (


For your information the consultation document is also available in hard copy format from all of:

  • SBC Contact Centres,
  • SBC/Live Borders Community Centres, Libraries and Leisure Centres


May I take the opportunity to thank you for your input on equality matters related to Scottish Borders Council and the Scottish Borders.


If you have any queries please ask for Simone Doyle telephone  Ext 5701 or Emily Elder telephone Ext 5818.



Equality & Diversity

Scottish Borders Council Head Quarters

Old School Building

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