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Grant report : International forestry student symposium

Published on: February 18, 2019

“Thank you all so much for approving my grant submission!
I just wanted to give you a small glimpse of the amazing things it allowed me to experience and learn. During our days, that were typically packed from 6am-11pm, we went from misty mountains to cactus-filled deserts to tropical coast, across five states. We learnt about the unique way Mexico manages its forests, with 70% of them under community ownership. We visited some fascinating examples of these, as well as community Christmas tree farms, sawmills, and nurseries. Additionally we had lectures and workshops from a myriad of forestry organisations, to delve into just how incredibly diverse Mexico and its forestry are. We also learnt on a broader level: we enjoyed a huge range of Mexican food, saw colourful market places, opulent cathedrals, museums, botanical gardens, and ancient archaeological sites. As well as learning about Mexico, we soaked up knowledge about countries and cultures from all over the world through the deep friendships we made with each other. Amidst all this the International Forestry Student Association (IFSA) held its AGM which we all participated in and got to grips with how a large and official organisation organises itself, from changing statutes to electing officials. I re-ran for my position as head of the cultural competency sub-commission, and was happily successful, so will continue my involvement with IFSA for another year. Overall it was an utterly incredible event that was enriching and enlivening, giving me knowledge and friendships that will hold me in good stead throughout my life. ”

– Ellinor Dobie
Full group photo outside a sawmill:
The Bangor University team, in a Mayan archaeological site:
Learning about community forestry, and their diversification into growing Christmas trees.