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Free day trip on Stroma Yole Heritage boat from Eyemouth Harbour

Published on: June 25, 2019

Funded by ABPCC, this 2h sailing trip for Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyl and Preston Community residents is an amazing opportunity to get together and get some wind and salt in your hair!

On three separate days this summer (dates to be confirmed), the Berwickshire Maritime Trust has agreed to take six residents from the Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyl and Preston Community out to sea on the renovated Stroma Yole called BEE. (If you are interested, look up Stroma Yole to read about the history of these boats.)

To add your name to the list of those interested in joining the two hour boat trip please send an email to the ABPCC website mailbox: The closing date for putting your name forward is 30th June 2019.  There will be no charge for the outing, but you should bring warm clothes, and life jackets are provided.

Why is this happening? In October 2018 Community Council agreed to an application from the Berwickshire Maritime Trust for a donation of £5000 from the Crystal Rig Fund towards their safety equipment. A condition of the grant was that the Berwickshire Maritime trust provide three boat trips for members of our community.

How will it be organised? After the 30th June we will fix dates for the outings with the Berwickshire Maritime Trust, and offer the dates to all those who have added their names to the list. If more than six people apply for a given date, we will choose names at random. You can let us know if you would like to join up with another person or a group of people.  Of course, if the weather is bad on a chosen date, an alternative date will be offered.

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