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Eyemouth Art Trail

Published on: November 29, 2018

Have you heard of  Eyemouth Art Trail?
This is a permanent local tourist attraction with great family appeal, bringing visitors and business to the area. The organisation plan several developments over the coming years, including upgraded signage, new exhibitions, Eyemouth Art Festival and new permanent installations.

Sculpture, Decorative Follies, Beautiful touching Monuments, Architecture, Engravings, Paintings, Decorative Details from Real Life, Historical Artefacts, Optical Illusions and Wonderful Views. The Eyemouth Art Trail is planning to grow and become a real asset to the local community. You can get involved in several ways and will receive real benefits from this association.

They are currently building links with local community organisations and businesses.  If you can assist in any way with advice and support please get in touch with Dave on 07544 848 559. You can check the Eyemouth Art Trail organisation’s constitution here.