Crystal rig community fund

This Community Benefit Payment is derived from the turbines on Crystal Rig, owned by Fred Oulson Renewables and managed by Natural Power. The fund is split across four Community Councils of which we get a 15% share of Cyrstal Rig one and 20% share of Crystal Rig two. The annual pay out to our CC area is just over £10,500 & set to rise as the approved windfarms come on stream. Currently, the Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyl & Preston CC consider applications at our monthly committee meetings and then go on to submit any application we receive and approve, over £500, to Crystal Rig’s panel in order to apply the funds. (We are working towards being able to be given the funds more directly, in order to be able to make swifter decisions and payments.) The fund must be used principally for the benefit of the community council area residents. The application form can be populated online or printed off to complete and is available below.

PDF Crystal Rig Windfarm Application Form

DOCX Crystal Rig Windfarm Application Form

Blackhill windfarm community fund

ASB, B & P Community Council has representatives on this panel as it has a wider remit.
This fund offers two types of funds:

  • Small grants, for projects under £1,000
  • Large grants, for projects seeking between £1,000 and £15,000

More information and application forms are available from the Blackhill Windfarm Community Fund website.

PDF: Grant Form