Because we are better together

What do we do?

There are over 60 community councils in the Scottish Borders. They represent their local areas, dealing with public sector organisations like Scottish Borders Council (SBC), NHS Borders and the Scottish Government, and utility companies such as ScottishPower, Scottish Water and BT.

Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyl and Preston Community Council meets regularly to discuss matters such as:

  • Planning applications (go to the Contact us page to give us your comments on local planning matters)
  • Public consultations
  • Local services
  • Issues raised by groups and individuals in our area


We also:

  • Award small grants to local projects from Windfarm Community Benefit Payments we receive directly on behalf of the community.

See the Community Funds page to find out more about Community Benefit Payments & applying for grants.

When do we meet?

We usually meet on the fourth Thursday of most months of the year, weather permitting. Here is the programme of our meetings for the next few months. We welcome members of the public who wish to attend.

Community Council Meetings For 2018


28th June 2018 7.30pm Abbey St Bathans

July no meeting

23rd August 2018 7.30pm Preston

27th September 7.30pm 2018 Abbey St Bathans

25th October (AGM) 7pm 2018 Preston

22nd November 2018 7pm Abbey St Bathans 

December no meeting






These meetings are usually attended by at least one of our SBC Councillors – John Greenwell, Donald Moffat & Mark Rowley.

Go to the Minutes to read in detail about our meetings.

Who are we?

The current members of our Community Council are:

Victoria Dobie, David Morrison, Pip Chandler, Allister Hart, Iva Usalj, Hamish Goldie-Scott, Charlotte Dobie, James Dobie, James Robson and Andy Rosher.

We are currently looking for additional members to be co-opted onto the committee for specific roles or for additional input. Community Councillors are not paid. They give their time voluntarily. They are also required to sign and follow the Scottish Borders Council Community Councillor Code of Conduct.

How can we be reached?

Please go to the Contact us page to send us an email. Alternatively, you can write to Mrs P. Chandler, Treasurer, ABSB, B & Preston Community Council, 3 Cumledge Mill, Duns, TD11 3TF